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Depression Counseling


Shayna Adelstein



Alisha Schafer



Are you tired of going through periods of negativity, but you don’t know how to fight off your depression? 


Depression can make a person pessimistic. They get to the point that they can’t pick themselves up no matter how blue their feeling. They can’t find something to enjoy in life. 

People who are depressed can have a lingering feeling of sadness that won’t go away on matter what they’ve tried. Some days they can bury it under busyness, but other days there is nothing to distract them from how down they feel.  Sometimes if can feel like it’s never going to get better. 

Do you feel like your life is always going to have a shadow hovering over it? 

People who struggle with depression are often at the mercy of their mood. It can feel like, no matter how much they want to be happy and enjoy life, they just can’t. It can be heart-braking when their positive outlook has been replaced by depression. 

It’s terrible for a person when they realize they’ve lost their send of happiness. It can be frustrating for a person when they realize they are cynical and pessimistic about everything. It’s not fun when a person realizes that they’ve lost all hope of having a fulfilling future. 

Do you feel isolated from family and friends and sadder than ever before?

Did you never think that you’d be the type of person to suffer from depression, but now you are? 


A person struggling with depression can have a hard time getting through their day without crying or feeling defeating by something? Every aspect of their life can become difficult. Depression can keep them from accomplishing tasks or spending time with loved-ones. It’s painful for a person to admit that they are unmotivated to take an active role in their own life.

Despair is hard for a person to deal with on their own. Depression is more common than people realize. People feel like they are the only ones who feel hopeless about their future, but that’s not true. Some people who are depressed want to stay in bed all day. And other people feel like they don’t have anything to offer the world.

The key is figuring out how to cope when depression hits, so they can stop it from negatively impacting their life.

With Depression Counseling from Hope and Thrive Counseling


  • You will recognize the signs you are starting to feel depressed so that you can intervene earlier

  • You will develop healthy coping skills to handle your mood changes

  • You will look to the future with hope and anticipation

  • You will have the energy and motivation to spend time with friends and family

  • You will cultivate an overall happy outlook on life

The Depression Therapy Sessions:


We’ll meet together weekly for 45-50-minute sessions. Typically, Depression Counseling sessions continue for several months as therapy is an in-depth process.

To help individuals find more enjoyment in life, I use a combination of therapeutic approaches including Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological Assessment, and Emotional Processing. These approaches focus on challenging your negative thought processes. We might also work together to develop a mindfulness practice to improve your coping skills.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial session, we define the therapeutic relationship and discuss the details of the therapy contract. I gather information about you and your depressive experiences and how they have impacted your behaviors. We also discuss the goals you have for your relationships with loved ones and how to overcome your depression.

WEEK TWO And Beyond: Depression Therapy

During the remaining sessions of Depression Counseling we will focus on identifying the triggers of your depressed mood and learning coping skills to help you improve your mood. We will take stock of which approaches are working for you and which aren’t, so you can have a solid plan moving forward. Together, we’ll have the option to dive deeper into your past to get to the root causes of your depression. We will also explore mindfulness as a way to mitigate your reactions and keep you interacting positively with your friends and family.

Who Benefits Most from Hope and Thrive Counseling?


Depression Counseling is best for those who are unable to recognize all the good in their lives because of their mood disorders. Gaining insight around the causes of their depression helps individuals cope with mood changes without relying on unhealthy actions so that they can relate better with those who are important in their lives.

You will benefit from Depression Therapy with us if:

  • You are resulting to unhealthy behaviors as a means to try to control your depression

  • You are isolating yourself from friends and family

  • You have a hard time getting motivated for the day or even getting out of bed

  • You no longer participate in events and activities you used to enjoy

  • You are ready to break free from the behaviors that keep you from thriving in your life


You absolutely can identify the reasons why you struggle to enjoy your life. It is possible recognize your triggers and develop a solid plan to tackle them that does not involve unhealthy behaviors.

True happiness may feel far off, but that does not mean you can’t start taking small steps toward improving your life and feeling better.

You’ll be able to live your life without sadness and hopelessness. You’ll be able to learn healthy coping skills to boost your mood. Ultimately, you’ll be able to once again have a positive outlook on life.

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