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Christian  Counseling

Reina Roethe


Are you wanting to get counseling but feeling that you would like to work with someone who understands your worldview?

When difficult things happen like the loss of a job, a difficult relationship, death of a loved one, it can be a great relief to see a counselor. But counselors differ from each other in their approach and in their worldview. If it’s important to you that your counselor understands your worldview, then it might be important for you to work with a counselor who does faith-based-counseling.  It is important that one feels comfortable with their counselor and is a good fit to bring you to your goals. 

Looking at a person as a whole we see three different dimensions: the body, the mind, and the spirit. These three dimensions are important in improving one’s well-being, health, and happiness. We see faith as a strength in one’s life.  We can use this strength and many other strengths to reach the counseling goals.  

Faith-based-counseling is not stuffing the Bible down one’s throat.  Faith-based-counseling is very gentle and open to where the client is at and what they believe. The client sets the tone and the counselor is very respectful of what the client believes.  We recognize that there are many different belief systems even within one faith, such as, different denominations.  Our goal is to support the client along their journey and to their goals.    

We are also respectful to those that have different faiths and worldviews.  We welcome everyone here, wherever they are at spiritually, religiously, and in their faith walk.

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