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Amanda Shannon MA LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Supervisor / Owner of Hope & Thrive.


Lynden Office and Telehealth

Do you spend a lot of time feeling lonely, disconnected, or anxious? Life can be challenging when we feel like we don’t have anyone to cheer us on when we succeed or comfort us when things aren’t going our way. When that’s the case, we can end up feeling hopeless and isolated.  Do you feel distant from the people around you? Do you find it’s easier to turn away from family relationships (and less painful) than to try to repair the bonds? Sometimes, when we are hurting, we retreat from people, even people we love. But there is hope.

Hi, I’m Amanda Shannon, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I’m here to tell you THERE IS HOPE.

My mission is to help people feel more connected to their support systems so they can adjust to all the ups and downs of life. I believe everyone can have the life and the relationships they desire. 

            I use attachment-centered and evidence-based practices to improve relationships. I help clients create internal change by addressing their thought processes, identifying feelings, and modifying behaviors to help them form better attachments.

It’s possible to overcome trauma, repair strained relationships, and rebuild broken trust. Growing in closeness with your family and forming attachments with loved ones is an attainable goal with some work. Sometimes relationships break down because of stress. But it’s possible to learn to give and receive love again.

It’s possible to: 

  • Overcome trauma

  • Repair strained relationships

  • Rebuild broken trust

  • Move forward with life

  • Grow in closeness with your family

  • Find things you have in common with people in your family

  • Form better attachments with loved ones

  • Repair relationships that have been broken down because of stress

  • Adjust to changes in your life that throw you off kilter 

  • Learn how to give and receive love 

  • Positive thoughts and relationship with yourself 


  • BrainSpotting – Somatic Work 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • High Functioning Autism / Nuro Diversity 

  • Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety, Perinatal Counseling

  • Children (13 and up), Teens, and Adults. 

More about me:

            I have been counseling professionally since 2008, and, before that, I worked as a peer-counselor from 2001 to 2008. I also have 9 years of experience working in the school system as a para-educator and long-term substitute teacher. Since 2008, I have been using my training in evidence-based practices and working on continuing to build my skills as a counselor to better serve my clients. I graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2009 with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy. I have worked in many different settings:  Children/Teen Mental Health Centers, Native American Tribes, Community Mental Health Centers, and Private Practice.  I am the owner of Hope and Thrive Counseling Center and the Supervisor of the counselors that work here. 

            I’m also a wife (14 years) and mother of a bright-active 8 year old boy.  It’s been a joy and an honor to watch him grow. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2012 from Southern California. I love the enchanting forests, green valleys, majestic mountains, and refreshing ocean beaches of this area. I’m a person of faith. I love to paint, and I’m passionate about art. 

            Please feel comfortable to be yourself with me. I don’t believe in judging. I accept people for who they are. Feel free to be yourself and to speak the truth about what you’re going through. Nothing is off the table. 

Call 360-383-8682 to get started. 


If you are having an emergency please call 9-1-1, go to the local ER, and/or call the crisis line at 800-584-3578.

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