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Anxiety Counseling

Do you get caught up in your thoughts and have trouble concentrating on anything else? Does it seem like, every time you try to cling to the present moment, another worry draws you in? 

Are you looking to have more peace in your life, but you’re not sure how to with the weight of all the pressure you live with?

People with anxiety have a hard time compartmentalizing the things that bother them. They can turn into worriers. Fear and anxiety build over time and people can end up fretting about everything, from work relationships to money. People with anxiety can find themselves with thoughts that spiral out of control. Obsessive behavior can result from anxiety. 

Are you living in constant fear and dread?

People can feel like victims to their own thoughts. They can start shutting down because they can’t get through their day without worrying.  

Everyone has their good days and bad days. Having anxiety can leave a person feeling stuck. People with anxiety can think obsessively about the future. And they may even start to avoid things that once brought them joy.  

Do you feel like you have no hope for your future? Are you isolated from friends and family and worrying more than ever before? 

People with anxiety have trouble getting through their day without panicking about something. But obsessing doesn’t move a person’s life forward. Anxiety can keep a person from connecting with others and jeopardize their relationships. People with anxiety often have trouble admitting they can’t control how they react to negative situations. 

The truth is, internal anguish is really hard to deal with on our own. Anxiety is a common reaction to feeling out of control in our lives. It’s not that uncommon for people to worry about their future or what’s going to happen in their lives. Some people have panic attacks because of anxiety. Some people get anxious about things they can’t manage. 

The key is for people to figure out how to cope when their anxiety is negatively impacting their life.  

With Anxiety Therapy from Hope and Thrive Counseling

  • You will stop continuously thinking about how horrible life is

  • You will connect with and enjoy your community more

  • You will look to the future with hope and anticipation

  • You will come to know the underlying triggers of your anxieties and how to stop them

  • You will cultivate a happy outlook on life

We’ll meet together weekly for 45-50-minute sessions. Typically, Anxiety Counseling sessions continue for several months, as therapy is an in-depth process.

To help individuals become more aware of their issues with food, we use a combination of therapeutic approaches, including Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological Assessment, and Emotional Processing. These approaches focus on challenging your negative thought processes. We might also work together to develop a mindfulness practice to improve your coping skills.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial session, we define the therapeutic relationship and discuss the details of the therapy contract. I gather information about you and your traumatic experiences and how they have impacted your behaviors. We also discuss the goals you have for your relationships with loved ones and how to overcome debilitating anxiety.

WEEK TWO And Beyond: Anxiety Therapy

During the remaining sessions of Anxiety Counseling we will spend time discussing how your constant worry is affecting you. We will also work together to develop new coping skills so that you can still your mind and begin to think about things that are more positive and uplifting. Together, we’ll explore your triggers so you can understand why and when you become anxious. We will also explore mindfulness as a way to mitigate your reactions and keep you interacting positively with your friends and family.

Who Benefits the Most from Anxiety Counseling with Hope and Thrive Counseling?

Anxiety Counseling is best for those who are paralyzed by their worried thoughts and believe they will never have a normal life. Gaining insight around the causes of their anxieties helps individuals cope with worry without relying on unhealthy actions so that they can relate better with those who are important in their lives.

You will benefit from Anxiety Therapy with us if:

  • ·       You are resulting to unhealthy behaviors as a means to try to control your anxiety

  • ·       You can’t stop worrying about things that are out of your control no matter what you try

  • ·       You feel paranoid and are constantly paying attention to your surroundings

  • ·       You are unable to relax and often feel worked up or restless

  • ·       You are ready to break free from the behaviors that continually jeopardize your close relationships

Your Next Steps:

You absolutely can identify the reasons behind why you worry so much. It is possible to recognize your triggers and develop a solid plan to tackle them that does not involve unhealthy behaviors.

A life of calm and peace may seem far off, but that does not mean you won’t be able to get a handle on your anxiety.

You’ll be able to live your life without panic, fear, or worry. You’ll be able to learn healthy coping skills to calm the chaos in your life. In the end, you’ll cultivate a life of hope.


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