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Claudia Luna MSW, LSWAIC

Licensed Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical


Phone: 360-529-0735

Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.

Proverbs 13:12 MSG

Hi, my name is Claudia and I want to welcome you to Hope & Thrive Counseling. Thank you for being here and taking the first step in making your mental health a priority.

As a therapist, my number one goal is to provide a safe counseling space where you can feel free to process your thoughts, feelings and personal choices while also equipping you with support and resources, as well as guide you on the path to overall wellness. Therapy is not always easy, but healing is achievable through a non-judgmental and compassionate environment. My desire is that you feel supported, encouraged and empowered as you explore the changes and challenges in your life.

My therapeutic orientation includes a variety of integrated techniques grounded in a non-judgmental Christian value system, including person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, strength-based, and solution focused therapies. Additionally, I’m Basic Trained and Certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) -- an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and depression. ART can provide rapid recovery from problems such as trauma, anxiety, work stress, relationship issues, infidelity, and PTSD. Furthermore, it allows an individual to keep the knowledge of the incident but lose the pain from the past to find relief.  

I am deeply committed to journeying alongside you with openness, curiosity and compassion. I consider it an honor to walk with clients wrestling with anxiety, depression, grief, and other difficult life adjustments. Ultimately, I want to partner with you to empower you in your journey toward mental health and overall wellbeing.

I’m fluent in both English and Spanish and can provide counseling services to our Spanish Latino community. I graduated with a Masters in Social Work from New Mexico State University with a focus in family systems, where I also earned my Bachelors of Social Work. I have worked as a hospice social worker and as a bereavement counselor. I have experience working with all age groups dealing with chronic illness, end of life, grief, depression, and anxiety.


My husband, two children, and I have been living in the PNW since 2012. We are originally from a border town in Texas and although we miss our home town dearly, we have come to enjoy the many beauties this part of the country has to offer. We love the outdoors and enjoy camping and going out on hikes as a family.


Don’t wait another day, make your appointment today. 360-383-8682

Hola, mi nombre es Claudia Luna y quiero darte la bienvenida a este espacio.  Donde tus pasos de dolor se convierten en tu fuerza.  Un lugar donde podrás superar las dificultades que se te presenten y salir al otro lado con la frente en alto. 


Como consejera, mi objetivo número uno es brindarte un espacio de consejería seguro donde puedas sentirte libre para procesar tus pensamientos, emociones y decisiones personales. Al mismo tiempo, quiero brindarte apoyo y recursos, así como guiarte en el camino hacia el bienestar general. La psicoterapia no siempre es fácil, pero la transformación se puede lograr a través de un ambiente sin juzgar y compasivo. Mi deseo es que te sientas apoyado(a), alentado(a) y empoderado(a) mientras exploras los cambios y desafíos en tú vida.


Mi orientación clínica incluye una variedad de técnicas integradas y basadas en un sistema de valores cristianos sin prejuicios, incluyendo tratamientos centrados en la persona, cognitivo-conductuales, basados en la fuerza y centrados en la solución. Tengo fe que cada persona es capaz de descubrir su verdadero potencial y que la sanación empieza a ocurrir a través del cambio de comportamientos y pensamientos negativos que influyen negativamente en la perspectiva de uno mismo y de la vida.  Estoy profundamente comprometida a caminar junto a ti con transparencia, curiosidad y compasión. Es un honor para mí acompañar a mis clientes en su lucha contra la ansiedad, la depresión, el duelo y otros aspectos difíciles de la vida.


No dejes pasar ni un día más, haz tu cita hoy mismo. 360-383-8682

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